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going back to sleep, i’m too tired.

sent ask’s if you have question.  i’ll answer them once i wake up

Anonymous asked
I really don't know people keep looking for reasons to disprove Sherlock is gay. Its almost as if thats not good enough for people. Not queer enough. I'm kind of sick of it. What is so wrong with him being? Why does he need to be a multisexual? I don't understand this reasoning. So many people make it seem like him being gay would be the worst queer choice or something. And then you have people saying he's asexual without even understanding a thing about it.

there are a lot of interpretations of him on this site i agree.  i think it’s great for people to have the freedom to have head cannons and make au’s.  i do see a lot of bickering and it’s not fun.  one group wants one thing, or believes it will happen.  and because they do that hate another group because they believe the opposite.

i hate to think that Sherlock being gay would be they worst thing possible, because being gay isn’t a horrible thing.  and there is nothing that isn’t ‘queer enough’  thats idiotic.  if your queer, your queer.  you don’t earn different points for being a certain kind of queer.

i think what we all need to remember is that we can all have our head cannons but we can’t force them on anyone.  and at the end of the day the show will tell us whats true or not.

Anonymous asked
So question. Your opinion. Do you think that Sherlock's standards of beauty being based on his father and John and Sherlock's father being paralleled means that Sherlock has a daddy kink? Would you agree with that translation of meaning?

i personally wouldn’t but thats cause i don’t really like daddy kinks so i’m bias.  for me calling someone daddy during sex would make me think of my dad which would be gross.

i will say that most of us are bound to fall for people who are like our parents.  there’s a lot of science behind it.  women often fall for men like there fathers and men often fall for woman like there mothers.  of course when someone is queer, you can get the opposite.  (this is just the ‘norm’ people fall outside of it all the time)

Sherlock liking someone who reminds him of his dad is actually quite common.  it’s shows us that there is somethings a bit average about him.  which is nice.

but if people want Sherlock to have a daddy kink give it to him.  it’s just not my cup of tea.



i love that when we find out in s3 that Sherlock did hide out at Molly’s flat after the fall. but he kicked her out of her own bedroom and made her sleep on her couch. so very romantic (lol)

i believe Molly put it “we both agreed he needs the space” then looked annoyed…

Really? Gay is the only thing it could be? It couldn’t be that he’s just not interested in Molly? It couldn’t be that he was so concerned/distracted by his situation that he couldn’t focus in anything else? It couldn’t be that he’s asexual? Don’t get me wrong, I totally ship johnlock. But I don’t understand how “gay” is the only option here.

we’re all open to interpretations and this is mine.  i think i also said that ‘this just more evidence’, as in this was one of many things i’ve noticed.

i could talk about him avoiding sex at all cost with Janine yet making a sexual innuendo that he’s had sex with a fish and chips guy.  that we see him flirt when he banters with men, but he misses every pick up of Molly’s.  or ignores it.  that he stares at John like he wants to devour him yet he can’t hold a fake smile when conning a woman.

these are just a few of the things that have led to believe he’s gay.